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# Machine Mayhem 2019
#### Jake's Notes:
Monday, Monday Monday!
## Kits
### Ordering
#### Amazon
3x PSU-350-24
1x GT2 9mm wide belt (+ more to stock)
4x sets of 5mm 20t 9mm wide pinions
4x 5x N17s (make 3dp kit: want that fan to avoid melting machines)
crimp tool
8x 6mm gt2 x5m
#### Digikey
#### Circuit Assembly
(done:) (
order 100 + more rj10s
have 5 samd51s, need (32)
need 10+ more each crystals
order 36 r050 shunts
power entry units,
18ga wire - black, red, yellow
- rework those routers
- solder those steppers, wire, test
#### McMaster / Mechanical
#### Doc
- this
- pgd: heat-sets, hardware? nice drawing, or CAD? how to parametric?
To mount motors 'nicely' (put these notes w/ N17 circuit) I use 1.6mm circuit, 8mm alu spacer, 48mm stack nema17, 50mm M3 shcs.
# Machine Mayhem '19
should order 8mm, 6mm m3s, 100 ea
Wrangling a machine together can be arduous. You can do anything you'd like, but you only have a week, and are maybe not experts yet. To that end, fab class provides - in the shape of this brief page, and its children - a short set of advice, a suggested direction, and a kit of parts and controllers that should get you to *most* of where you might like to go.
+ digikey more power entry fuses
+ digikey 10pf 1276-1139-1-ND
+ 10uh 445-6755-1-ND
+ 3v3 reg AP2112K-3.3TRG1D1DKR-ND
+ hella LTCs (reel?)
## Hardware Kit
+ 10x panels of moduleboards
+ shortrev stepper: read ur notes
+ modulerev router
You have enough material and parts to make up to four of the: [**Platonic Gantry Designs**]( documented at [that link](**]( These look like this:
#### Circuit Assembly
Hella motors -> make two more full panels 3x3
Routers -> make four more (one panel) (parts ready)
Modules -> two panels for motors, one panel for spares
Further documentation for these things is at the page [now linked thrice](third): they are parametric - can be fabricated at a handful of lengths and widths - and some collection of them can be cobbled together (with well-designed mechanical appendages, or duct tape - all valid answers) to make multi-degree-of-freedom machines.
#### Hardware Kit
The collection of mechanical bits you have access to is as follows:
Type | Size | QTY | Where Used | Vendor | PN / Link
Thing | Size | QTY | What For? | Vendor | PN / Link
--- | --- | --- | --- | --- | ---
Acrylic | 1/4" 12x24" | 4 | McMaster | 8505K755
'Tough' PLA | - | 1 | [Matter Hackers](
Acrylic | 1/4" 12x24" | 4 | Chassis / Beams | McMaster | 8505K755
Shoulder Bolts | 5x6xM4 | 36 | Rollers | McMaster | 92981A146
Bearing Shims | 5x10x0.5mm | 64 | - | McMaster | 98089A331
Heat-Set M4 Tapered Inserts | M4 | 50 | - | McMaster | 94180A351
......@@ -69,55 +39,50 @@ M3 Washers | - | w/ all M3 SHCS | 200 | McMaster | 93475A210
20T or 16T GT2 Pulley | 10mm or Wider, 5mm Bore | 4 | - | Amazon or SDP/SI | [Amazon Link](
10mm (or 9mm) Wide GT2 Belt | Find Steel-Core for Stiffness! | 5m | - | Amazon or SDP/SI | [Amazon Link](
#### Electrical Kit
Thing | QTY | Vendor | PN / Link
--- | --- | --- | ---
PSU-24-350 | 1 | MeanWell | [Amazon](
NEMA17 | 4 | - | [Amazon]( [Amazon](
Modular Data Cable RJ9 | 100ft | Digikey | AT-K-26-4-B/100 |
Modular Data Plugs RJ9 | 2 / data link | Digikey | AE10314-ND‎ |
Modular Data Line Tool RJ9 | 1 | Amazon / Commodity | [Amazon]( |
Orange Hook-Up Wire for 5v | 50ft | Digikey | CN101A-50-ND‎ |
Red Hook-Up Wire for 24v | 50ft | Digikey | CN101R-50-ND‎ |
Black Hook-Up Wire for GND | 50ft | Digikey | CN101B-50-ND‎ |
Power Entry Module | 1 | Digikey | 486-3979-ND‎ |
Power Entry Fuse | 2 | Digikey | 486-1226-ND‎ |
## Circuit Kit
#### Circuit Kit
To coordinate machine control, you have a set of controllers developed as part of the [squidworks project](squids). [squidworks](again) is a protocol / tool / scheme for distributed control of modular hardwares. It nests virtual dataflow interpreters inside of genuine dataflow networks (read: any network is dataflow), to put modular code inside of modular hardware. It's graphs all the way down.
1x Router
4x Steppers, Assembled
PDB w/ PDB kit
The circuits you have here are already bootloader'd and code-loaded.
## Designs
**The Router (1)**
A message passing device, this thing hooks 6 of the ATSAMD51's SERCOM USARTS up to RS-485 Differential Driver and then hooks those up to RJ10 connectors (read: phone handset jacks). It runs [ponyo](ponyo!) and you can see the [schematic, board and documentation here](link).
[This Gantry]( can be 3D Printed and Laser-Cut from Delrin (nice) or Acrylic (OK, but brittle). This will get a small update for MW2019.
This machine is in development. It's 12x12x12" and very cute, and should be afternoon-or-two buildable. Enough 'kit' will be available to complete either (1) one of these or (2) up to four generic axis.
**The Module Board (1)**
A do-what-you-will-with-it device, this thing breaks all of the ATSAMD51's pins out to fab-lab-friendly sized castellated pins, so that you can solder it to some-circuit-of-your-design. The thing is ready to run [ponyo](link), and invites you to, indeed, write some CPP and integrate some new devices onto the network that it will happily join over that RS-485 link.
## Electronics
**The Steppers (4)**
A motor-turning device, this thing is one of the aforementioned module-boards, soldered to a heavy duty, motor-wrastling, no-amps-barred TMC262 stepper driver which *itself* slices and dices 24v of *power* with the help of four (4!) PN-Pair mosfets (that's two whole h-bridges baby) to drive (probably) NEMA17 stepper motors, to which these things will be attached when you get them. This also runs [ponyo](thrice).
We have routers, steppers, and modules:
**Power Distribution Knobs**
These are tiny bus-bar type devices, that should make power routing a little bit easier. Included in the kit of them are (1) bypass capacitors for spare charge (these are actually important for the stepper motors to work properly), (2) TVS Diodes and Bleeders, (3) 5V Regulators (also necessary) and (4) routing blocks. These are all documented and explained in [the PDB repo](pdbs).
## Electrical Kit
A kit will contain 3 motors (already wired), a router, and ah PSU w/ some help (bypass caps, power entry / fuse / switch).
Circuits need power, and networks need wires. To hook it all up, you also have this list of parts in the kit:
Thing | QTY | What For? | Vendor | PN / Link
--- | --- | --- | --- | ---
PSU-24-350 | 1 | 350W of *watts* | MeanWell | [Amazon](
NEMA17 | 4 | Spinning | [Amazon]( [Amazon](
Modular Data Cable RJ9 | 100ft | Channel for RS485 UART | Digikey | AT-K-26-4-B/100 |
Modular Data Plugs RJ9 | ~ 25 | RS485 Plugs | Digikey | AE10314-ND‎ |
Modular Data Line Tool RJ9 | 1 | Making RJ10 Cables | Amazon / Commodity | [Amazon]( |
Orange Hook-Up Wire | 50ft | Routing 24V | Digikey | CN101A-50-ND‎ |
Red Hook-Up Wire | 50ft | Routing 5V | Digikey | CN101R-50-ND‎ |
Black Hook-Up Wire | 50ft | Routing Ground | Digikey | CN101B-50-ND‎ |
Power Entry Module | 1 | AC Hookup, Switching | Digikey | 486-3979-ND‎ |
Power Entry Fuse | 1 | *Danger* Barrier (already installed in the above) | Digikey | 486-1226-ND‎ |
This module breaks out the SAMD51 to an easily fab-class-manufacturable circuit pitch, and runs the same dataflow controller that will make machine operation happen.
## Developing Controllers
Since you have the circuits, you are free to implement a [squidworks]( controller. These are controllers whose whole operation spans more than one computing ~ d o m a i n ~ -> the squidworks project is an attempt to develop a protocol and serialization scheme that makes it easier to see what these controllers are doing, to add new hardware and software resources to them, and operate them.
## Controllers
![video](this would be good to have)
It's [squidworks]( all the way down.
For documentation of the squidworks project, [hit this link](
Working examples for complete machines (from CAM to Control) will be up and running. [cuttlefish]( is an environment for the browser: writing new JavaScript, testing, debugging it, is as easy as web programming. [ponyo]( is the same in spirit, and builds / loads using a USB bootloader on commonly available IDEs and toolchains, but might require a bit more know-how to wrangle.
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