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Wrangling a machine together can be arduous. You can do anything you'd like, but you only have a week, and are maybe not experts yet. To that end, fab class provides - in the shape of this brief page, and its children - a small set of advice, a suggested direction, and a kit of parts and controllers that should get you to *most* of where you might like to go.
[**mechanical design: PGD**](
[**control architecture: squidworks**](
[**browser dataflow: cuttlefish**](
[**embedded dataflow: ponyo**](
[**router circuit**](
[**stepper circuit**](
[**module circuit**](
## Hardware Kit
You have enough material and parts to make up to four of the: [**Platonic Gantry Designs**]( documented at [that link]( These look like this:
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