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#### Jake's Notes:
#### Doc
- check in on all circuits
- pdb: doc CAD for the PSU, pictures of PDBs, explain, ok
- use two photos, show bus -> up down, breakout, overlaid
- doc your example milling machine ... bigtime
- connecting / hooking up the whole machine:
- cuttlefish GIF per action: add hunks, hook-up, etc
- add comm, add link, say hello, ok
- cf examples:
- littleRascal-complete
- png-to-path
- svg-to-path
- single-stepper-usb
# Machine Mayhem '19
Wrangling a machine together can be arduous. You can do anything you'd like, but you only have a week, and are maybe not experts yet. To that end, fab class provides - in the shape of this brief page, and its children - a small set of advice, a suggested direction, and a kit of parts and controllers that should get you to *most* of where you might like to go.
......@@ -32,6 +14,8 @@ Further documentation for these things is at the page [here](
The collection of mechanical bits you have access to is as follows:
Thing | Size | QTY | What For? | Vendor | PN / Link
--- | --- | --- | --- | --- | ---
Acrylic | 1/4" 12x24" | 4 | Chassis / Beams | McMaster | 8505K755
......@@ -46,7 +30,7 @@ M3 SHCS | 10mm Long | Motor Mounting | 16 | McMaster | 91292A113
M3 FHCS | 16mm Long | Carriage Joinery | 100 | McMaster | 92125A134
M3 Washers | - | w/ all M3 SHCS | 200 | McMaster | 93475A210
20T or 16T GT2 Pulley | 10mm or Wider, 5mm Bore | 4 | Power Transmission | Amazon or SDP/SI | [Amazon Link](
10mm (or 9mm) Wide GT2 Belt | Find Steel-Core for Stiffness! | 5m | Power Transmission | Amazon or SDP/SI | [Amazon Link](
6mm Wide GT2 Belt | - | 5m | Power Transmission | Amazon or SDP/SI | [Amazon Link](
## Circuit Kit
......@@ -91,24 +75,34 @@ Black Hook-Up Wire | 50ft | Routing Ground | Digikey | CN101B-50-ND‎ |
Power Entry Module | 1 | AC Hookup, Switching | Digikey | 486-3979-ND‎ |
Power Entry Fuse | 1 | *Danger* Barrier (already installed in the above) | Digikey | 486-1226-ND‎ |
## Developing Controllers
### Network Cables
### Squidworks
Some notes on making network cables:
Since you have the circuits, you are free to implement a [squidworks]( controller. These are controllers whose whole operation spans more than one computing ~ d o m a i n ~ -> the squidworks project is an attempt to develop a protocol and serialization scheme that makes it easier to see what these controllers are doing, to add new hardware and software resources to them, and operate them.
- network cables can be made two ways: only one is correct - *rj10 tabs should be on the same side of the ribbon cable* i.e. the cable is a 'straight through' type, not a crossover. this means that tx meets rx, etc.
- the transmit / receive ports are RS-485 Differential Driven, meaning there is no common gnd connection between boards besides the power bus.
!TODO: image of LR controller, ft. path planning, execution.
The connectors I use here (and that are in your kit) are called 'RJ10' Jacks and Plugs. These are standard for old (wired!) phone handsets, but also 'generally useful'.
!TODO: video of the same. copy of squidworks repo toplevel
![video](this would be good to have)
One cool thing about RJ45 is the modularity of the cables. We can use commodity crimping tools to make our own lengths:
- one side cuts, one side strips. use both at the same time to get the right length of stripped wire
- use the '4p' crimp, note the tab direction in the crimp
- pinch! the plug has a plastic tab inside that should come down to meet the wire jacket
For documentation of the squidworks project, [hit this link](
`these videos show an RJ45 connector: the RJ10 is nearly identical, just smaller`
### Cuttlefish
![rj45 video](images/rj45-assembly.mp4)
`make sure those tabs are on the same side of the flat cable`
## Developing Controllers
### Squidworks
[Cuttlefish]( is the in-browser virtual dataflow environment and scope.
Since you have the circuits, you are free to implement a [squidworks]( controller. For more documentation on squidworks, follow the link.
### Ponyo
[Ponyo]( is the embedded virtual dataflow environment.
!TODO: video from webcam-to-penplotter
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