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......@@ -6,6 +6,8 @@ Here you'll find documentation for the mechanism and design of the machine pictu
This implements the [RCT Gantries]( project for axis design, and the [AutomataKit]( project for controls.
The machine has a bed size of ```410 x 820 x 40mm (16.15 x 32.30 x 1.5")``` - the machine itself is 740 x 1100 x 430mm, and weighs about 20kg. It fits on one 4x8' sheet of HDPE, that we cut on our shopbot with a 1/8" single-flute o-cutter. The whole thing machines in about 2.5 hours, and goes together in a few afternoons or less.
......@@ -68,4 +70,21 @@ CAM for Fusion360 is located [at this linke](
- floor, then sides on to floor
- faces
- Final Assy
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- Final Assy
Bearing Sets: 2 per constraint
z - 8
y - 12
x - 7
- so 56 bearings total
Motor Mount w/ Bearing Situation - 8x 35mm
Motor Mount - 8x 20mm
Out-of-plane constraints - 16x 35mm
In-Plane constraints - 11x 25mm
So, 8x 20mm, 11x25mm, 22x 35mm.
3 Washers each, 41 * 3 = 123 Washers, 41 Nutz.
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