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[DEV LOG](log/ for updates.
Clay extruder, brute force plunger pusher.
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Clay extruder, brute force plunger pusher.
Used in the [clank/mudstick]( machine, residing at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts.
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## 2020 06 07
## Going BOM Notes
o-rings should be well under-sized, I have mcmaster PN 9452K136 for the time being, should use something smaller, for tube ID nominal 2"
### With Gusto!
Today I'm designing a clay extruder. I've taken [one pass at this]( before, so I know a bit more about what I'd like to see in the end result:
......@@ -117,12 +121,8 @@ OK I've a handle and o-ring spec, guesses - all undersized. I think it might be
So I think that's it then. I'll put in the orders and carry on with other things. Challenges brining this online will be (1) whether this is enough torque or if we'll have to slip the clay, (2) whether the z-motors will be able to lift the thing or if we'll have to get closed loop motors running and (3) developing the workflow / UI, and (4) extending to multiple tool pickup / dropoff etc. Oh, and the pogo pins are new - that means also aligning D21 bus to the D51 bus and seeing whether the system can handle the contact during loading.
### To Finish
- needs real measurements on polycarb tube, pls order then print
### Orders
- keyless 10-23mm
- orings
- more ballscrews, 4 u
- more ballscrews, 4 u
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