Commit 1d01f0c1 authored by Jake Read's avatar Jake Read


parent 096c9730
// client-side button object
// this is our object, that we will later append
// to the .lump position
var btn = {}
// make the dom object
// our dom element
var li = document.createElement('li')
li.innerHTML = 'button test'
li.addEventListener('click', function(evt){
......@@ -15,9 +17,17 @@
socketSend('put ui change', data)
// we have to give our 'lump' object a .domElem, this
// will be referenced upstream to append to the right module
// append it to the dom so that it can be appended on init
btn.domElem = li
// whatever is posted to .lump will receive messages through
// .onMessage, so if we don't write one, we'll cause errors
// upstream, and besides, wouldn't be able to get anything from
// the server
btn.onMessage = function(msg){
console.log('got message in client side ui object', msg)
if( == 'setText'){
......@@ -25,8 +35,10 @@
// expect this to only be used once
// it's basically our init function
// and gets called once the module is loaded
window.registerNewModule = function(id, key){
btn.parentId = id
btn.key = key
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