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how to install and run atkapi
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# Installing Node.js, WebSocket and SerialPort
To interface over mods, or with atkterminal, you'll need to install node.js, and then the packages serialport and ws (websocket).
## Install Node.js
Node.js is a runtime environment for javascript, so you can write and run js locally. [Download and install it here]( - right now, I'm running v6.11.3, 8.11.3 should work as well.
To check that node is installed, you can use
``node -v``
## Install Serialport
Node comes with a package controller called 'npm' - node package manager. You can use this to install dependencies for node programs.
Serialport is a package for node that allows it to interact with a hardware serial port.
Navigate to the directory where you'll be running from (so, mods/ to run the *atkbridge* or automatakit/ for *atkterminal*). Do
``npm install serialport``
## Install WS (WebSocket)
WebSockets are very simple web connections. In the *atkbridge* we use one to move data between the browser and local hardware.
To install ws, do
``npm install ws``
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