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Fusion model:
the model needs cleanup and to make explicit which parts are reprensenting
mechanical parts, which parts are to be 3 D printed
and which parts are to be laser cut.
3 D Printed:
I sent 2 jobs to 3 D print with ABS material to the Stratasys
machine. Each job was ~20 hours. The resolution is very good in the finished
![image software](images/MVIMG_20191010_111954.jpg)
Laser Cut:
I used Delrin 6mm thick with Epilog LEGEND EXT 120 watts. The settings were 20% speed
100% power, 500 frequency. 4 passes each piece. The material gets heated
and need to take turns in cutting each piece. Had to do several tests to understan
the settings of the laser cutter. While cutting, many 'angels'
appear (flames). Also, need to clean the lens
of the laser cutter several times in between jobs.
The fumes are very toxic. I will try to replace some parts with acrylic
<img src="images/IMG_20191017_152130.jpg" width="300" >
<img src="images/15713404308557772465466104206724.jpg" width="300" >
<img src="images/m1.jpg" width="300" >
<img src="images/m2.jpg" width="300" >
<img src="images/m3.jpg" width="300" >
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