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......@@ -552,8 +552,8 @@ design rules under a new name.</description>
<element name="D1" library="fabPatil" package="SOD123" value="3.3V" x="21.1836" y="17.907" rot="R90"/>
<element name="D2" library="fabPatil" package="SOD123" value="3.3V" x="18.2626" y="16.256" rot="R90"/>
<element name="R1" library="fabPatil" package="1206" value="22" x="26.0858" y="13.3604"/>
<element name="R2" library="fabPatil" package="1206" value="22" x="26.0858" y="15.8242"/>
<element name="R1" library="fabPatil" package="1206" value="499" x="26.0858" y="13.3604"/>
<element name="R2" library="fabPatil" package="1206" value="499" x="26.0858" y="15.8242"/>
<element name="JP1" library="fabPatil" package="1X06-SMD" value="FTDI" x="54.6354" y="15.5956" rot="R90"/>
<element name="C1" library="fabPatil" package="1206" value="0.1uF" x="26.1366" y="23.3426"/>
<element name="JP2" library="fabPatil" package="USB_PCB" value="USBPCB" x="5.5626" y="15.24"/>
......@@ -654,9 +654,9 @@ design rules under a new name.</description>
<wire x1="49.3268" y1="23.4438" x2="49.3268" y2="19.2786" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="27.5586" y1="23.3426" x2="27.5586" y2="23.4438" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="27.5586" y1="23.4438" x2="31.5214" y2="23.4438" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="55.9854" y1="16.8656" x2="51.9938" y2="16.8656" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="51.9938" y1="16.8656" x2="51.9938" y2="19.304" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="51.9938" y1="19.304" x2="48.9956" y2="19.304" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="55.9854" y1="16.8656" x2="52.6034" y2="16.8656" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="52.6034" y1="16.8656" x2="52.6034" y2="19.304" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="52.6034" y1="19.304" x2="48.9956" y2="19.304" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="48.9956" y1="19.304" x2="48.9956" y2="19.2786" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="26.1236" y1="22.18799375" x2="26.1236" y2="11.8286" width="0.3556" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="26.1236" y1="11.8286" x2="26.0982" y2="11.8286" width="0.3556" layer="1"/>
......@@ -731,18 +731,18 @@ design rules under a new name.</description>
<contactref element="IC1" pad="24"/>
<contactref element="R3" pad="1"/>
<wire x1="33.4712" y1="20.9804" x2="33.4712" y2="19.4818" width="0.3556" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="50.51810625" y1="15.494" x2="50.8752" y2="15.85109375" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="50.8752" y1="15.85109375" x2="50.8752" y2="17.62610625" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="50.8752" y1="17.62610625" x2="50.51810625" y2="17.9832" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="43.5356" y1="14.1986" x2="44.831" y2="15.494" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="44.831" y1="15.494" x2="50.51810625" y2="15.494" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="50.51810625" y1="17.9832" x2="47.3202" y2="17.9832" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="47.3202" y1="17.9832" x2="46.2534" y2="19.05" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="46.2534" y1="19.05" x2="47.3202" y2="17.9832" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="46.2534" y1="20.954515625" x2="46.2534" y2="19.05" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="46.2534" y1="20.954515625" x2="46.227515625" y2="20.9804" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="33.4712" y1="20.9804" x2="46.227515625" y2="20.9804" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="31.5214" y1="20.5998" x2="31.5214" y2="20.9804" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="31.5214" y1="20.9804" x2="33.4712" y2="20.9804" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="51.2318" y1="15.494" x2="50.292" y2="15.494" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="47.3202" y1="17.9832" x2="51.2318" y2="17.9832" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="51.2318" y1="17.9832" x2="51.2318" y2="15.494" width="0.4064" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="50.292" y1="15.494" x2="50.51810625" y2="15.494" width="0" layer="19" extent="1-1"/>
<signal name="SCK">
<contactref element="U$1" pad="3"/>
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......@@ -2198,13 +2198,13 @@ Source: 008-0260-0_E.pdf</description>
<instance part="R6" gate="G$1" x="35.56" y="10.16"/>
<instance part="P+3" gate="VCC" x="68.58" y="10.16"/>
<instance part="GND5" gate="1" x="68.58" y="-7.62"/>
<instance part="U$1" gate="G$1" x="63.5" y="-25.4"/>
<instance part="P+5" gate="VCC" x="76.2" y="-15.24"/>
<instance part="GND6" gate="1" x="76.2" y="-33.02"/>
<instance part="U$1" gate="G$1" x="55.88" y="-25.4"/>
<instance part="P+5" gate="VCC" x="68.58" y="-15.24"/>
<instance part="GND6" gate="1" x="68.58" y="-33.02"/>
<instance part="C2" gate="1" x="-43.18" y="-5.08" rot="R180"/>
<instance part="IC1" gate="G$1" x="-12.7" y="-12.7"/>
<instance part="P+4" gate="VCC" x="-38.1" y="22.86"/>
<instance part="GND4" gate="1" x="-48.26" y="-10.16"/>
<instance part="GND4" gate="1" x="-50.8" y="-10.16"/>
<instance part="GND8" gate="1" x="-38.1" y="-43.18"/>
<instance part="R3" gate="G$1" x="-60.96" y="-22.86" rot="R90"/>
<instance part="P+6" gate="VCC" x="-60.96" y="-12.7"/>
......@@ -2252,14 +2252,14 @@ Source: 008-0260-0_E.pdf</description>
<pinref part="U$1" gate="G$1" pin="GND"/>
<pinref part="GND6" gate="1" pin="GND"/>
<wire x1="68.58" y1="-27.94" x2="76.2" y2="-27.94" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<wire x1="76.2" y1="-27.94" x2="76.2" y2="-30.48" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<wire x1="60.96" y1="-27.94" x2="68.58" y2="-27.94" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<wire x1="68.58" y1="-27.94" x2="68.58" y2="-30.48" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<pinref part="C2" gate="1" pin="2"/>
<pinref part="GND4" gate="1" pin="GND"/>
<wire x1="-45.72" y1="-5.08" x2="-48.26" y2="-5.08" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<wire x1="-48.26" y1="-5.08" x2="-48.26" y2="-7.62" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<wire x1="-45.72" y1="-5.08" x2="-50.8" y2="-5.08" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<wire x1="-50.8" y1="-5.08" x2="-50.8" y2="-7.62" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<pinref part="GND8" gate="1" pin="GND"/>
......@@ -2310,8 +2310,8 @@ Source: 008-0260-0_E.pdf</description>
<pinref part="U$1" gate="G$1" pin="VCC"/>
<pinref part="P+5" gate="VCC" pin="VCC"/>
<wire x1="68.58" y1="-22.86" x2="76.2" y2="-22.86" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<wire x1="76.2" y1="-22.86" x2="76.2" y2="-17.78" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<wire x1="60.96" y1="-22.86" x2="68.58" y2="-22.86" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<wire x1="68.58" y1="-22.86" x2="68.58" y2="-17.78" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<pinref part="IC1" gate="G$1" pin="VCC"/>
......@@ -2372,8 +2372,8 @@ Source: 008-0260-0_E.pdf</description>
<net name="MOSI" class="0">
<pinref part="U$1" gate="G$1" pin="MOSI"/>
<wire x1="68.58" y1="-25.4" x2="76.2" y2="-25.4" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<label x="73.66" y="-25.4" size="1.778" layer="95"/>
<wire x1="60.96" y1="-25.4" x2="68.58" y2="-25.4" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<label x="66.04" y="-25.4" size="1.778" layer="95"/>
<pinref part="IC1" gate="G$1" pin="PB2(PDI/MOSI/PCINT2)"/>
......@@ -2384,8 +2384,8 @@ Source: 008-0260-0_E.pdf</description>
<net name="RST" class="0">
<pinref part="U$1" gate="G$1" pin="RST"/>
<wire x1="60.96" y1="-27.94" x2="53.34" y2="-27.94" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<label x="50.8" y="-27.94" size="1.778" layer="95"/>
<wire x1="53.34" y1="-27.94" x2="45.72" y2="-27.94" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<label x="43.18" y="-27.94" size="1.778" layer="95"/>
<pinref part="IC1" gate="G$1" pin="/RESET(PC1)"/>
......@@ -2398,8 +2398,8 @@ Source: 008-0260-0_E.pdf</description>
<net name="SCK" class="0">
<pinref part="U$1" gate="G$1" pin="SCK"/>
<wire x1="60.96" y1="-25.4" x2="53.34" y2="-25.4" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<label x="50.8" y="-25.4" size="1.778" layer="95"/>
<wire x1="53.34" y1="-25.4" x2="45.72" y2="-25.4" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<label x="43.18" y="-25.4" size="1.778" layer="95"/>
<pinref part="IC1" gate="G$1" pin="PB1(SCK/PCINT1)"/>
......@@ -2410,8 +2410,8 @@ Source: 008-0260-0_E.pdf</description>
<net name="MISO" class="0">
<pinref part="U$1" gate="G$1" pin="MISO"/>
<wire x1="60.96" y1="-22.86" x2="53.34" y2="-22.86" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<label x="50.8" y="-22.86" size="1.778" layer="95"/>
<wire x1="53.34" y1="-22.86" x2="45.72" y2="-22.86" width="0.1524" layer="91"/>
<label x="43.18" y="-22.86" size="1.778" layer="95"/>
<pinref part="IC1" gate="G$1" pin="PB3(PDO/MISO/PCINT3)"/>
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......@@ -2147,8 +2147,8 @@ Source: 008-0260-0_E.pdf</description>
<part name="D1" library="fabPatil" deviceset="ZENER_DIODE" device="SOD123" value="3.3V"/>
<part name="D2" library="fabPatil" deviceset="ZENER_DIODE" device="SOD123" value="3.3V"/>
<part name="GND3" library="FAB_Hello" deviceset="GND" device=""/>
<part name="R1" library="fabPatil" deviceset="RESISTOR" device="1206" value="22"/>
<part name="R2" library="fabPatil" deviceset="RESISTOR" device="1206" value="22"/>
<part name="R1" library="fabPatil" deviceset="RESISTOR" device="1206" value="499"/>
<part name="R2" library="fabPatil" deviceset="RESISTOR" device="1206" value="499"/>
<part name="P+2" library="FAB_Hello" deviceset="VCC" device=""/>
<part name="JP1" library="fabPatil" deviceset="FTDI_CONNECTOR" device="SMD" value="FTDI"/>
<part name="C1" library="fabPatil" deviceset="UNPOLARIZED_CAPACITOR" device="1206" value="0.1uF"/>

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......@@ -251,6 +251,69 @@ chip</description>
<text x="-1.639" y="2.27" size="0.4064" layer="25">&gt;Name</text>
<text x="0.361" y="-2.774" size="0.4064" layer="27">&gt;Value</text>
<package name="6MM_SWITCH">
<description>&lt;b&gt;OMRON SWITCH&lt;/b&gt;</description>
<wire x1="3.302" y1="-0.762" x2="3.048" y2="-0.762" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="3.302" y1="-0.762" x2="3.302" y2="0.762" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="3.048" y1="0.762" x2="3.302" y2="0.762" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="3.048" y1="1.016" x2="3.048" y2="2.54" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
<wire x1="-3.302" y1="0.762" x2="-3.048" y2="0.762" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="-3.302" y1="0.762" x2="-3.302" y2="-0.762" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="-3.048" y1="-0.762" x2="-3.302" y2="-0.762" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="3.048" y1="2.54" x2="2.54" y2="3.048" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
<wire x1="2.54" y1="-3.048" x2="3.048" y2="-2.54" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
<wire x1="3.048" y1="-2.54" x2="3.048" y2="-1.016" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
<wire x1="-2.54" y1="3.048" x2="-3.048" y2="2.54" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
<wire x1="-3.048" y1="2.54" x2="-3.048" y2="1.016" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
<wire x1="-2.54" y1="-3.048" x2="-3.048" y2="-2.54" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
<wire x1="-3.048" y1="-2.54" x2="-3.048" y2="-1.016" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
<wire x1="-1.27" y1="1.27" x2="-1.27" y2="-1.27" width="0.0508" layer="51"/>
<wire x1="1.27" y1="-1.27" x2="-1.27" y2="-1.27" width="0.0508" layer="51"/>
<wire x1="1.27" y1="-1.27" x2="1.27" y2="1.27" width="0.0508" layer="51"/>
<wire x1="-1.27" y1="1.27" x2="1.27" y2="1.27" width="0.0508" layer="51"/>
<wire x1="-1.27" y1="3.048" x2="-1.27" y2="2.794" width="0.0508" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="1.27" y1="2.794" x2="-1.27" y2="2.794" width="0.0508" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="1.27" y1="2.794" x2="1.27" y2="3.048" width="0.0508" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="1.143" y1="-2.794" x2="-1.27" y2="-2.794" width="0.0508" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="1.143" y1="-2.794" x2="1.143" y2="-3.048" width="0.0508" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="-1.27" y1="-2.794" x2="-1.27" y2="-3.048" width="0.0508" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="2.54" y1="-3.048" x2="2.159" y2="-3.048" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
<wire x1="-2.54" y1="-3.048" x2="-2.159" y2="-3.048" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
<wire x1="-2.159" y1="-3.048" x2="-1.27" y2="-3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="-2.54" y1="3.048" x2="-2.159" y2="3.048" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
<wire x1="2.54" y1="3.048" x2="2.159" y2="3.048" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
<wire x1="2.159" y1="3.048" x2="1.27" y2="3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="1.27" y1="3.048" x2="-1.27" y2="3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="-1.27" y1="3.048" x2="-2.159" y2="3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="-1.27" y1="-3.048" x2="1.143" y2="-3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="1.143" y1="-3.048" x2="2.159" y2="-3.048" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="3.048" y1="-0.762" x2="3.048" y2="-1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="3.048" y1="0.762" x2="3.048" y2="1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="-3.048" y1="-0.762" x2="-3.048" y2="-1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="-3.048" y1="0.762" x2="-3.048" y2="1.016" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="-1.27" y1="-2.159" x2="1.27" y2="-2.159" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
<wire x1="1.27" y1="2.286" x2="-1.27" y2="2.286" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
<wire x1="-2.413" y1="1.27" x2="-2.413" y2="0.508" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
<wire x1="-2.413" y1="-0.508" x2="-2.413" y2="-1.27" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
<wire x1="-2.413" y1="0.508" x2="-2.159" y2="-0.381" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
<circle x="0" y="0" radius="1.778" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<circle x="-2.159" y="-2.159" radius="0.508" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
<circle x="2.159" y="-2.032" radius="0.508" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
<circle x="2.159" y="2.159" radius="0.508" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
<circle x="-2.159" y="2.159" radius="0.508" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
<circle x="0" y="0" radius="0.635" width="0.0508" layer="51"/>
<circle x="0" y="0" radius="0.254" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<smd name="1" x="-3.302" y="2.286" dx="2.286" dy="1.524" layer="1"/>
<smd name="2" x="3.302" y="2.286" dx="2.286" dy="1.524" layer="1"/>
<smd name="3" x="-3.302" y="-2.286" dx="2.286" dy="1.524" layer="1"/>
<smd name="4" x="3.302" y="-2.286" dx="2.286" dy="1.524" layer="1"/>
<text x="-3.048" y="3.683" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10">&gt;NAME</text>
<text x="-3.048" y="-5.08" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10">&gt;VALUE</text>
<text x="-4.318" y="1.651" size="1.27" layer="51" ratio="10">1</text>
<text x="3.556" y="1.524" size="1.27" layer="51" ratio="10">2</text>
<text x="-4.572" y="-2.794" size="1.27" layer="51" ratio="10">3</text>
<text x="3.556" y="-2.794" size="1.27" layer="51" ratio="10">4</text>
<library name="adafruit">
......@@ -525,7 +588,7 @@ design rules under a new name.</description>
<element name="D2" library="fabPatil" package="SOD123" value="3.3V" x="15.6972" y="15.5956" rot="R270"/>
<element name="R1" library="fabPatil" package="1206" value="22" x="20.6502" y="15.5194" rot="R270"/>
<element name="R2" library="fabPatil" package="1206" value="22" x="23.2156" y="15.5448" rot="R270"/>
<element name="JP1" library="fabPatil" package="1X06-SMD" value="" x="47.1424" y="14.6812" rot="R270"/>
<element name="JP1" library="fabPatil" package="1X06-SMD" value="" x="47.1932" y="13.6652" rot="R270"/>
<element name="C1" library="fabPatil" package="1206" value="0.1uF" x="40.386" y="19.6088" rot="R90"/>
<element name="R5" library="fabPatil" package="1206" value="470" x="39.8018" y="13.081" rot="R90"/>
<element name="R6" library="fabPatil" package="1206" value="470" x="42.4688" y="13.0556" rot="R90"/>
......@@ -538,6 +601,7 @@ design rules under a new name.</description>
<element name="Y1" library="fabPatil" package="RESONATOR-SMD" value="16MHz" x="24.9682" y="9.4488" rot="R270">
<attribute name="PROD_ID" value="XTAL-08900" x="24.9682" y="9.4488" size="1.778" layer="27" rot="R270" display="off"/>
<element name="S1" library="fabPatil" package="6MM_SWITCH" value="" x="40.5384" y="5.2578" rot="R90"/>
<signal name="GND">
......@@ -558,13 +622,13 @@ design rules under a new name.</description>
<wire x1="25.6794" y1="14.3192" x2="25.6794" y2="14.9356" width="0.3556" layer="1"/>
<wire x1="25.6794" y1="14.3192" x2="28.6766" y2="14.3192" width="0.3556" layer="1"/>
<contactref element="Y1" pad="2"/>
<wire x1="45.7924" y1="8.3312" x2="40.386" y2="18.1868" width="0" layer="19" extent="1-1"/>
<wire x1="31.7692" y1="9.6266" x2="40.386" y2="18.1868" width="0" layer="19" extent="1-1"/>
<wire x1="28.6766" y1="14.3192" x2="31.7692" y2="9.6266" width="0" layer="19" extent="1-1"/>
<wire x1="24.9682" y1="9.4488" x2="25.6794" y2="14.3192" width="0" layer="19" extent="1-1"/>
<wire x1="17.8562" y1="12.1176" x2="24.9682" y2="9.4488" width="0" layer="19" extent="1-1"/>
<wire x1="9.9568" y1="11.4686" x2="12.6068" y2="14.1686" width="0" layer="19" extent="1-1"/>
<wire x1="9.9568" y1="19.4686" x2="12.6068" y2="14.1686" width="0" layer="19" extent="1-1"/>
<wire x1="45.8432" y1="7.3152" x2="40.386" y2="18.1868" width="0" layer="19" extent="1-1"/>
<signal name="VCC">
<contactref element="JP1" pad="4"/>
......@@ -574,7 +638,7 @@ design rules under a new name.</description>
<contactref element="IC1" pad="32"/>
<contactref element="R3" pad="2"/>
<contactref element="JP2" pad="VBUS"/>
<wire x1="40.386" y1="21.0308" x2="45.7924" y2="13.4112" width="0" layer="19" extent="1-1"/>
<wire x1="45.8432" y1="12.3952" x2="40.386" y2="21.0308" width="0" layer="19" extent="1-1"/>
<wire x1="27.3562" y1="20.5232" x2="40.386" y2="21.0308" width="0" layer="19" extent="1-1"/>
<wire x1="28.6766" y1="11.9192" x2="27.3562" y2="20.5232" width="0" layer="19" extent="1-1"/>
<wire x1="28.6766" y1="11.1192" x2="28.6766" y2="11.9192" width="0" layer="19" extent="1-1"/>
......@@ -619,12 +683,12 @@ design rules under a new name.</description>
<signal name="N$7">
<contactref element="R6" pad="2"/>
<contactref element="JP1" pad="2"/>
<wire x1="42.4688" y1="14.4776" x2="45.7924" y2="18.4912" width="0" layer="19" extent="1-1"/>
<wire x1="42.4688" y1="14.4776" x2="45.8432" y2="17.4752" width="0" layer="19" extent="1-1"/>
<signal name="N$8">
<contactref element="R5" pad="2"/>
<contactref element="JP1" pad="3"/>
<wire x1="39.8018" y1="14.503" x2="45.7924" y2="15.9512" width="0" layer="19" extent="1-1"/>
<wire x1="39.8018" y1="14.503" x2="45.8432" y2="14.9352" width="0" layer="19" extent="1-1"/>
<signal name="RST">
<contactref element="IC1" pad="24"/>
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