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......@@ -38,6 +38,10 @@ Below is a custom board using the Fanstel BC832 module. It is just 23mm x 18mm,
<a href='bc832-ftdi/bc832-nrf-ftdi-traces.png'>BC832 Traces</a>
<a href='bc832-ftdi/bc832-nrf-ftdi-interior.png'>BC832 Interior</a>
For a version using only the Fab Lab inventory parts, sett
<a href='bc832-ftdi/bc832-nrf-ftdi-fab-layout.png'>FAB-BC832 Layout</a>
<a href='bc832-ftdi/bc832-nrf-ftdi-fab-traces.png'>FAB-BC832 Traces</a>
<a href='bc832-ftdi/bc832-nrf-ftdi-fab-interior.png'>FAB-BC832 Interior</a>
Making a custom board requires programming via Serial Wire Debug (SWD), at least for the bootloader. Two methods for this are described below.
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