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......@@ -61,6 +61,8 @@ The J-Link requires a wire to ensure the target has power. In the image above,
You don't have to spend hundreds on a J-Link (even though it is very nice). Using <a href=''>OpenOCD</a>, we can make a Raspberry Pi bit-bang the programming protocols. Below is a picture and screenshot of using OpenOCD and Pi Zero ($5) to program a custom board with a Raytac MDBT42Q module over serial wire debug. It works just as well to program the Fanstel modules.
Rough instructions for creating an openOCD programmer using a Raspberry Pi are available on <a href='openocd/'>this page</a>.
<img src='openocd/bootloader-raspberrypi.jpg' width=53%>
<img src='openocd/flashing-bootloader.png' width=30%>
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