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2019 fab library cleanup

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE eagle SYSTEM "eagle.dtd">
<eagle version="9.0.0">
<setting alwaysvectorfont="no"/>
<setting verticaltext="up"/>
<grid distance="0.1" unitdist="mm" unit="mm" style="lines" multiple="1" display="yes" altdistance="5" altunitdist="mil" altunit="mil"/>
<layer number="1" name="Top" color="4" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="16" name="Bottom" color="1" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="17" name="Pads" color="2" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="18" name="Vias" color="2" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="19" name="Unrouted" color="6" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="20" name="Dimension" color="24" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="21" name="tPlace" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="22" name="bPlace" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="23" name="tOrigins" color="15" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="24" name="bOrigins" color="15" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="25" name="tNames" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="26" name="bNames" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="27" name="tValues" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="28" name="bValues" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="29" name="tStop" color="7" fill="3" visible="no" active="yes"/>
<layer number="30" name="bStop" color="7" fill="6" visible="no" active="yes"/>
<layer number="31" name="tCream" color="7" fill="4" visible="no" active="yes"/>
<layer number="32" name="bCream" color="7" fill="5" visible="no" active="yes"/>
<layer number="33" name="tFinish" color="6" fill="3" visible="no" active="yes"/>
<layer number="34" name="bFinish" color="6" fill="6" visible="no" active="yes"/>
<layer number="35" name="tGlue" color="7" fill="4" visible="no" active="yes"/>
<layer number="36" name="bGlue" color="7" fill="5" visible="no" active="yes"/>
<layer number="37" name="tTest" color="7" fill="1" visible="no" active="yes"/>
<layer number="38" name="bTest" color="7" fill="1" visible="no" active="yes"/>
<layer number="39" name="tKeepout" color="4" fill="11" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="40" name="bKeepout" color="1" fill="11" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="41" name="tRestrict" color="4" fill="10" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="42" name="bRestrict" color="1" fill="10" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="43" name="vRestrict" color="2" fill="10" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="44" name="Drills" color="7" fill="1" visible="no" active="yes"/>
<layer number="45" name="Holes" color="7" fill="1" visible="no" active="yes"/>
<layer number="46" name="Milling" color="3" fill="1" visible="no" active="yes"/>
<layer number="47" name="Measures" color="7" fill="1" visible="no" active="yes"/>
<layer number="48" name="Document" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="49" name="Reference" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="51" name="tDocu" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="52" name="bDocu" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="90" name="Modules" color="5" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="91" name="Nets" color="2" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="92" name="Busses" color="1" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="93" name="Pins" color="2" fill="1" visible="no" active="yes"/>
<layer number="94" name="Symbols" color="4" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="95" name="Names" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="96" name="Values" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="97" name="Info" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="98" name="Guide" color="6" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<package name="NEMA17">
<wire x1="-21.15" y1="-21.15" x2="21.15" y2="-21.15" width="0.127" layer="49"/>
<wire x1="-21.15" y1="-21.15" x2="-21.15" y2="21.15" width="0.127" layer="49"/>
<wire x1="21.15" y1="-21.15" x2="21.15" y2="21.15" width="0.127" layer="49"/>
<wire x1="-21.15" y1="21.15" x2="21.15" y2="21.15" width="0.127" layer="49"/>
<pad name="P$1" x="-15.5" y="15.5" drill="3.15" diameter="5.7"/>
<pad name="P$2" x="15.5" y="15.5" drill="3.15" diameter="5.7"/>
<pad name="P$3" x="-15.5" y="-15.5" drill="3.15" diameter="5.7"/>
<pad name="P$4" x="15.5" y="-15.5" drill="3.15" diameter="5.7"/>
<package name="NEMA11">
<wire x1="-14.1" y1="-14.1" x2="14.1" y2="-14.1" width="0.127" layer="49"/>
<wire x1="-14.1" y1="-14.1" x2="-14.1" y2="14.1" width="0.127" layer="49"/>
<wire x1="14.1" y1="-14.1" x2="14.1" y2="14.1" width="0.127" layer="49"/>
<wire x1="-14.1" y1="14.1" x2="14.1" y2="14.1" width="0.127" layer="49"/>
<pad name="P$1" x="-11.5" y="11.5" drill="2.65" diameter="4.7"/>
<pad name="P$2" x="11.5" y="11.5" drill="2.65" diameter="4.7"/>
<pad name="P$3" x="-11.5" y="-11.5" drill="2.65" diameter="4.7"/>
<pad name="P$4" x="11.5" y="-11.5" drill="2.65" diameter="4.7"/>
<package name="NEMA23">
<wire x1="-28.2" y1="-28.2" x2="28.2" y2="-28.2" width="0.127" layer="49"/>
<wire x1="-28.2" y1="-28.2" x2="-28.2" y2="28.2" width="0.127" layer="49"/>
<wire x1="28.2" y1="-28.2" x2="28.2" y2="28.2" width="0.127" layer="49"/>
<wire x1="-28.2" y1="28.2" x2="28.2" y2="28.2" width="0.127" layer="49"/>
<pad name="P$1" x="-23.57" y="23.57" drill="5.15" diameter="8"/>
<pad name="P$2" x="23.57" y="23.57" drill="5.15" diameter="8"/>
<pad name="P$3" x="-23.57" y="-23.57" drill="5.15" diameter="8"/>
<pad name="P$4" x="23.57" y="-23.57" drill="5.15" diameter="8"/>
<circle x="-23.57" y="23.57" radius="5" width="0.127" layer="21"/>
<circle x="23.57" y="23.57" radius="5" width="0.127" layer="21"/>
<circle x="23.57" y="-23.57" radius="5" width="0.127" layer="21"/>
<circle x="-23.57" y="-23.57" radius="5" width="0.127" layer="21"/>
<pad name="P$5" x="-25.5" y="-16" drill="3.15" diameter="5.7"/>
<pad name="P$6" x="16" y="25.5" drill="3.15" diameter="5.7"/>
<pad name="P$7" x="25.5" y="16" drill="3.15" diameter="5.7"/>
<pad name="P$8" x="-16" y="-25.5" drill="3.15" diameter="5.7"/>
<pad name="P$9" x="-16" y="25.5" drill="3.15" diameter="5.7"/>
<pad name="P$10" x="16" y="-25.5" drill="3.15" diameter="5.7"/>
<symbol name="NEMA11">
<text x="-2.54" y="2.54" size="1.27" layer="95">&gt;NAME</text>
<symbol name="NEMA17">
<text x="-2.54" y="2.54" size="1.27" layer="95">&gt;NAME</text>
<symbol name="NEMA23">
<text x="-2.54" y="2.54" size="1.27" layer="95">&gt;NAME</text>
<deviceset name="NEMA11">
<gate name="G$1" symbol="NEMA11" x="0" y="-2.54"/>
<device name="" package="NEMA11">
<technology name=""/>
<deviceset name="NEMA17">
<gate name="G$1" symbol="NEMA17" x="0" y="-2.54"/>
<device name="" package="NEMA17">
<technology name=""/>
<deviceset name="NEMA23">
<gate name="G$1" symbol="NEMA23" x="2.54" y="-2.54"/>
<device name="" package="NEMA23">
<technology name=""/>
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