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made the pads of LEDRGBNEW package smaller, the symbol of the H-BRIDGE more...

made the pads of LEDRGBNEW package smaller, the symbol of the H-BRIDGE more compact, and made a new version of the H-BRIDGE device that uses a modified SOIC-8 package that has a ground pad below.
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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE eagle SYSTEM "eagle.dtd">
<eagle version="7.7.0">
<eagle version="8.4.0">
<setting alwaysvectorfont="no"/>
<setting keepoldvectorfont="yes"/>
<setting verticaltext="up"/>
<grid distance="0.1" unitdist="inch" unit="inch" style="lines" multiple="1" display="no" altdistance="0.01" altunitdist="inch" altunit="inch"/>
......@@ -27,8 +28,8 @@
<layer number="17" name="Pads" color="2" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="18" name="Vias" color="2" fill="1" visible="no" active="yes"/>
<layer number="19" name="Unrouted" color="6" fill="1" visible="no" active="yes"/>
<layer number="20" name="Dimension" color="15" fill="1" visible="no" active="yes"/>
<layer number="21" name="tPlace" color="7" fill="1" visible="no" active="yes"/>
<layer number="20" name="Dimension" color="15" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="21" name="tPlace" color="7" fill="1" visible="yes" active="yes"/>
<layer number="22" name="bPlace" color="7" fill="1" visible="no" active="yes"/>
<layer number="23" name="tOrigins" color="15" fill="1" visible="no" active="yes"/>
<layer number="24" name="bOrigins" color="15" fill="1" visible="no" active="yes"/>
......@@ -650,10 +651,6 @@ Source: ... LA_LO_LA_LY E67B.pdf</description>
<wire x1="-0.85" y1="-1.6" x2="-1.4" y2="-1.05" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
<wire x1="-1.4" y1="1.6" x2="-1.4" y2="-1.05" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
<circle x="0" y="0" radius="1.1" width="0.2032" layer="51"/>
<smd name="G" x="-2" y="3.15" dx="3.3" dy="4.8" layer="1" stop="no" cream="no"/>
<smd name="B" x="2" y="3.15" dx="3.3" dy="4.8" layer="1" stop="no" cream="no"/>
<smd name="A" x="2" y="-3.15" dx="3.3" dy="4.8" layer="1" stop="no" cream="no"/>
<smd name="R" x="-2" y="-3.15" dx="3.3" dy="4.8" layer="1" stop="no" cream="no"/>
<text x="-3.81" y="-2.54" size="1.27" layer="25" rot="R90">&gt;NAME</text>
<text x="5.08" y="-2.54" size="1.27" layer="27" rot="R90">&gt;VALUE</text>
<text x="-1.905" y="-3.81" size="1.27" layer="21">R</text>
......@@ -669,6 +666,10 @@ Source: ... LA_LO_LA_LY E67B.pdf</description>
<rectangle x1="0.4" y1="0.8" x2="1.1" y2="1.8" layer="31"/>
<rectangle x1="-1.1" y1="0.8" x2="-0.4" y2="1.8" layer="31"/>
<rectangle x1="-0.2" y1="-0.2" x2="0.2" y2="0.2" layer="21"/>
<smd name="A" x="0.9016" y="-1.5" dx="1.1" dy="1.5" layer="1" rot="R180" stop="no" cream="no"/>
<smd name="R" x="-0.9016" y="-1.5" dx="1.1" dy="1.5" layer="1" rot="R180" stop="no" cream="no"/>
<smd name="G" x="-0.9016" y="1.5" dx="1.1" dy="1.5" layer="1" rot="R180" stop="no" cream="no"/>
<smd name="B" x="0.9016" y="1.5" dx="1.1" dy="1.5" layer="1" rot="R180" stop="no" cream="no"/>
<package name="TQFP32-08THIN">
<wire x1="3.505" y1="3.505" x2="3.505" y2="-3.505" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
......@@ -1430,6 +1431,47 @@ Extra-wide pads for greater durability in soldering.</description>
<rectangle x1="-2.7432" y1="-3.6576" x2="-1.8796" y2="-1.8034" layer="51"/>
<rectangle x1="1.8796" y1="-3.6576" x2="2.7432" y2="-1.8034" layer="51"/>
<package name="SOIC8_PAD">
<description>&lt;B&gt;Wide Plastic Gull Wing Small Outline Package&lt;/B&gt;</description>
<wire x1="-2.6" y1="2.25" x2="-2.35" y2="2.5" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90" cap="flat"/>
<wire x1="2.35" y1="2.5" x2="2.6" y2="2.25" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="-90"/>
<wire x1="2.35" y1="-2.5" x2="2.6" y2="-2.25" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90" cap="flat"/>
<wire x1="-2.6" y1="-2.25" x2="-2.35" y2="-2.5" width="0.1524" layer="21" curve="90" cap="flat"/>
<wire x1="2.36" y1="-2.5" x2="-2.34" y2="-2.5" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
<wire x1="-2.34" y1="2.5" x2="2.36" y2="2.5" width="0.1524" layer="51"/>
<wire x1="-2.21" y1="2.5" x2="-2.34" y2="2.5" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="-1.59" y1="2.5" x2="-0.95" y2="2.5" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="-0.32" y1="2.5" x2="0.32" y2="2.5" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="0.95" y1="2.5" x2="1.59" y2="2.5" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="2.21" y1="2.5" x2="2.36" y2="2.5" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="2.2" y1="-2.5" x2="2.33" y2="-2.5" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="1.59" y1="-2.5" x2="0.94" y2="-2.5" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="0.32" y1="-2.5" x2="-0.33" y2="-2.5" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="-0.95" y1="-2.5" x2="-1.59" y2="-2.5" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="-2.21" y1="-2.5" x2="-2.34" y2="-2.5" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="-2.6" y1="2.25" x2="-2.6" y2="-2.24" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<wire x1="2.6" y1="-2.25" x2="2.6" y2="2.25" width="0.1524" layer="21"/>
<circle x="-1.42" y="-1.115" radius="0.5" width="0.0508" layer="21"/>
<smd name="1" x="-1.905" y="-3.154" dx="0.5" dy="2.2" layer="1"/>
<smd name="2" x="-0.645" y="-3.154" dx="0.5" dy="2.2" layer="1"/>
<smd name="3" x="0.625" y="-3.154" dx="0.5" dy="2.2" layer="1"/>
<smd name="4" x="1.895" y="-3.154" dx="0.5" dy="2.2" layer="1"/>
<smd name="8" x="-1.905" y="3.154" dx="0.5" dy="2.2" layer="1"/>
<smd name="7" x="-0.635" y="3.154" dx="0.5" dy="2.2" layer="1"/>
<smd name="6" x="0.635" y="3.154" dx="0.5" dy="2.2" layer="1"/>
<smd name="5" x="1.905" y="3.154" dx="0.5" dy="2.2" layer="1"/>
<text x="-2.8575" y="-2.159" size="1.27" layer="25" ratio="10" rot="R90">&gt;NAME</text>
<text x="4.064" y="-2.159" size="1.27" layer="27" ratio="10" rot="R90">&gt;VALUE</text>
<rectangle x1="-2.08" y1="2.5" x2="-1.73" y2="3.4" layer="51"/>
<rectangle x1="-0.81" y1="2.5" x2="-0.46" y2="3.4" layer="51"/>
<rectangle x1="0.46" y1="2.5" x2="0.81" y2="3.4" layer="51"/>
<rectangle x1="1.73" y1="2.5" x2="2.08" y2="3.4" layer="51"/>
<rectangle x1="1.72" y1="-3.4" x2="2.07" y2="-2.5" layer="51"/>
<rectangle x1="0.45" y1="-3.4" x2="0.8" y2="-2.5" layer="51"/>
<rectangle x1="-0.82" y1="-3.4" x2="-0.47" y2="-2.5" layer="51"/>
<rectangle x1="-2.08" y1="-3.4" x2="-1.73" y2="-2.5" layer="51"/>
<smd name="GND" x="0" y="0" dx="3.8862" dy="2.9972" layer="1"/>
<symbol name="ELECTRET">
......@@ -1925,18 +1967,18 @@ Extra-wide pads for greater durability in soldering.</description>
<text x="3.302" y="-3.048" size="1.778" layer="95">(Green)</text>
<symbol name="A4953-H-BRIDGE-MOTOR-DRIVER">
<wire x1="-27.94" y1="17.78" x2="-27.94" y2="-7.62" width="0.254" layer="94"/>
<wire x1="-2.54" y1="-7.62" x2="-2.54" y2="17.78" width="0.254" layer="94"/>
<wire x1="-2.54" y1="17.78" x2="-27.94" y2="17.78" width="0.254" layer="94"/>
<wire x1="-27.94" y1="-7.62" x2="-2.54" y2="-7.62" width="0.254" layer="94"/>
<pin name="GND" x="-33.02" y="12.7" length="middle"/>
<pin name="IN2" x="-33.02" y="7.62" length="middle"/>
<pin name="IN1" x="-33.02" y="2.54" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VREF" x="-33.02" y="-2.54" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VBB" x="2.54" y="-2.54" length="middle" rot="R180"/>
<pin name="OUT1" x="2.54" y="2.54" length="middle" rot="R180"/>
<pin name="LSS" x="2.54" y="7.62" length="middle" rot="R180"/>
<pin name="OUT2" x="2.54" y="12.7" length="middle" rot="R180"/>
<wire x1="-7.62" y1="7.62" x2="-7.62" y2="-5.08" width="0.254" layer="94"/>
<wire x1="10.16" y1="-5.08" x2="10.16" y2="7.62" width="0.254" layer="94"/>
<wire x1="10.16" y1="7.62" x2="-7.62" y2="7.62" width="0.254" layer="94"/>
<wire x1="-7.62" y1="-5.08" x2="10.16" y2="-5.08" width="0.254" layer="94"/>
<pin name="GND" x="-12.7" y="5.08" length="middle"/>
<pin name="IN2" x="-12.7" y="2.54" length="middle"/>
<pin name="IN1" x="-12.7" y="0" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VREF" x="-12.7" y="-2.54" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VBB" x="15.24" y="-2.54" length="middle" rot="R180"/>
<pin name="OUT1" x="15.24" y="0" length="middle" rot="R180"/>
<pin name="LSS" x="15.24" y="2.54" length="middle" rot="R180"/>
<pin name="OUT2" x="15.24" y="5.08" length="middle" rot="R180"/>
<symbol name="12-BIT_ADC">
<wire x1="-7.62" y1="12.7" x2="-7.62" y2="-7.62" width="0.254" layer="94"/>
......@@ -3535,6 +3577,28 @@ Standard adjustable voltage regulator but in SMD form. Spark Fun Electronics SKU
<deviceset name="A4953-H-BRIDGE-MOTOR-DRIVER-PAD">
<gate name="G$1" symbol="A4953-H-BRIDGE-MOTOR-DRIVER" x="15.24" y="-5.08"/>
<device name="" package="SOIC8_PAD">
<connect gate="G$1" pin="GND" pad="1 GND"/>
<connect gate="G$1" pin="IN1" pad="3"/>
<connect gate="G$1" pin="IN2" pad="2"/>
<connect gate="G$1" pin="LSS" pad="7"/>
<connect gate="G$1" pin="OUT1" pad="6"/>
<connect gate="G$1" pin="OUT2" pad="8"/>
<connect gate="G$1" pin="VBB" pad="5"/>
<connect gate="G$1" pin="VREF" pad="4"/>
<technology name=""/>
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