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......@@ -3525,34 +3525,34 @@ Amplified SiSonic (TM) Microphone</description>
<pin name="PD30/UTXD3" x="30.48" y="-71.12" length="middle" rot="R180"/>
<pin name="PD31" x="30.48" y="-73.66" length="middle" rot="R180"/>
<pin name="PD0/DAC1" x="30.48" y="0" length="middle" rot="R180"/>
<pin name="VDDIO1" x="-33.02" y="35.56" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VDDIO2" x="-33.02" y="33.02" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VDDIO3" x="-33.02" y="30.48" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VDDIO4" x="-33.02" y="27.94" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VDDIO1" x="-33.02" y="58.42" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VDDIO2" x="-33.02" y="55.88" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VDDIO3" x="-33.02" y="53.34" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VDDIO4" x="-33.02" y="50.8" length="middle"/>
<pin name="JTAGSEL" x="-33.02" y="-38.1" length="middle"/>
<pin name="TST" x="-33.02" y="-40.64" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VREFP" x="-33.02" y="68.58" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VREFP" x="-33.02" y="78.74" length="middle"/>
<pin name="NRST" x="-33.02" y="-43.18" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VDDOUT" x="-33.02" y="78.74" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VDDIN" x="-33.02" y="76.2" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VREFN" x="-33.02" y="71.12" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VDDOUT" x="-33.02" y="43.18" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VDDIN" x="-33.02" y="45.72" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VREFN" x="-33.02" y="76.2" length="middle"/>
<pin name="USB_DP" x="-33.02" y="-30.48" length="middle"/>
<pin name="USB_DM" x="-33.02" y="-33.02" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VDDPL" x="-33.02" y="63.5" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VDDUTMII" x="-33.02" y="60.96" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VDDUTMIC" x="-33.02" y="58.42" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VBG" x="-33.02" y="55.88" length="middle"/>
<pin name="GND6" x="-33.02" y="10.16" length="middle"/>
<pin name="GND5" x="-33.02" y="12.7" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VDDCORE1" x="-33.02" y="48.26" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VDDCORE2" x="-33.02" y="45.72" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VDDCORE3" x="-33.02" y="43.18" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VDDCORE4" x="-33.02" y="40.64" length="middle"/>
<pin name="GND1" x="-33.02" y="22.86" length="middle"/>
<pin name="GND2" x="-33.02" y="20.32" length="middle"/>
<pin name="GND3" x="-33.02" y="17.78" length="middle"/>
<pin name="GND4" x="-33.02" y="15.24" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VDDPLLUSB" x="-33.02" y="53.34" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VDDPLL" x="-33.02" y="25.4" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VDDUTMII" x="-33.02" y="71.12" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VDDUTMIC" x="-33.02" y="22.86" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VBG" x="-33.02" y="10.16" length="middle"/>
<pin name="GND6" x="-33.02" y="-10.16" length="middle"/>
<pin name="GND5" x="-33.02" y="-7.62" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VDDCORE1" x="-33.02" y="38.1" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VDDCORE2" x="-33.02" y="35.56" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VDDCORE3" x="-33.02" y="33.02" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VDDCORE4" x="-33.02" y="30.48" length="middle"/>
<pin name="GND1" x="-33.02" y="2.54" length="middle"/>
<pin name="GND2" x="-33.02" y="0" length="middle"/>
<pin name="GND3" x="-33.02" y="-2.54" length="middle"/>
<pin name="GND4" x="-33.02" y="-5.08" length="middle"/>
<pin name="VDDPLLUSB" x="-33.02" y="66.04" length="middle"/>
<wire x1="-27.94" y1="83.82" x2="-27.94" y2="-81.28" width="0.254" layer="94"/>
<wire x1="-27.94" y1="-81.28" x2="25.4" y2="-81.28" width="0.254" layer="94"/>
<wire x1="25.4" y1="-81.28" x2="25.4" y2="83.82" width="0.254" layer="94"/>
......@@ -4042,7 +4042,7 @@ Source:</description>
<deviceset name="LEDRGBNEW">
<deviceset name="LEDRGBNEW" prefix="D">
<gate name="G$1" symbol="LED-RGB" x="0" y="-2.54"/>
......@@ -4682,7 +4682,7 @@ INDUCTOR POWER 3.3UH 4.0A SMD&lt;br&gt;
<deviceset name="MICRO-USB">
<deviceset name="MICRO-USB" prefix="X">
<description>SMD micro USB connector as found in the fablab inventory.
Three footprint variants included:
......@@ -5034,7 +5034,7 @@ Standard adjustable voltage regulator but in SMD form. Spark Fun Electronics SKU
<deviceset name="ATSAMS70N-TQFP100">
<deviceset name="ATSAMS70N-TQFP100" prefix="U">
<gate name="G$1" symbol="ATSAMS70N" x="0" y="0"/>
......@@ -5135,7 +5135,7 @@ Standard adjustable voltage regulator but in SMD form. Spark Fun Electronics SKU
<connect gate="G$1" pin="VDDIO3" pad="68"/>
<connect gate="G$1" pin="VDDIO4" pad="81"/>
<connect gate="G$1" pin="VDDOUT" pad="4"/>
<connect gate="G$1" pin="VDDPL" pad="86"/>
<connect gate="G$1" pin="VDDPLL" pad="86"/>
<connect gate="G$1" pin="VDDPLLUSB" pad="90"/>
<connect gate="G$1" pin="VDDUTMIC" pad="96"/>
<connect gate="G$1" pin="VDDUTMII" pad="93"/>
......@@ -5148,7 +5148,7 @@ Standard adjustable voltage regulator but in SMD form. Spark Fun Electronics SKU
<deviceset name="ISL3177E">
<deviceset name="ISL3177E" prefix="U">
<gate name="G$1" symbol="ISL3177E" x="0" y="0"/>
......@@ -5170,7 +5170,7 @@ Standard adjustable voltage regulator but in SMD form. Spark Fun Electronics SKU
<deviceset name="REGULATOR_SOT223">
<deviceset name="REGULATOR_SOT223" prefix="U">
<gate name="G$1" symbol="REGULATOR_SOT223" x="0" y="0"/>
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