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......@@ -24,32 +24,5 @@ Given the long machining time, we ultimately decided to do a 1/3-scale test cut
## [Micromachining using Zund G-3 L-2500](Zund/
## [Fablight fiber laser](
## [Fablight fiber laser](FabLight/
Machining time: ~5 min
Cost of machine: sheet only machine with the 3000 laser is around $80,000, and the tube & sheet is around $90,000
Machine settings:
![Fablight settings](../images/Fablight_settings.jpg)
Sample photos:
![fablight 1](../images/Fablight_01.jpg)
![fablight 3](../images/Fablight_03.JPG)
![fablight 5](../images/Fablight_05.JPG)
After burr removal
![fablight 6](../images/Fablight_06.jpg)
The brown seen on the edges of the piece are burn marks where the machine cut.
![fablight 7](../images/Fablight_7.JPG)
![fablight 8](../images/Fablight_08.JPG)
# ...
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