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......@@ -9,3 +9,5 @@ Here is a 50% scale flexure (.010" beams, .015" gaps) machined from .020" thick
<img src='flexure-0.5-penny.jpg' width=300px>
Here is a paper about micromachining aluminum using tools with diamond-like coatings: <a href=''>Diamond coatings for micro end mills: Enabling the dry machining of aluminum at the micro-scale, Heaney et. al.</a>
Harvey tools makes a .010" DLC tool that we should try for a 3x shrink of the original flexure. They also make the same endmill line down to .001", but uncoated, which might be nice to try for less sticky metals than aluminum. This would probably want a higher spindle speed yet, and more careful motion, so adding a spindle speeder to the Hurco VM10U could be an option to explore. Here's one for 120kRPM that fits CAT40:
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