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......@@ -6,6 +6,6 @@ Using a .030" diameter end mill with amorphous diamond coating (<a href='http://
Here is a 50% scale flexure (.010" beams, .015" gaps) machined from .020" thick Aluminum 2024 sheet using a .015" diameter end mill with amorphous diamond coating (<a href=''>Harvey Tool 72015-C4</a>). This took about 8 minutes, but I think could be run faster.
<img src='images/flexure-0.5-penny.jpg' width=300px>
<img src='flexure-0.5-penny.jpg' width=300px>
Here is a paper about micromachining aluminum using tools with diamond-like coatings: <a href=''>Diamond coatings for micro end mills: Enabling the dry machining of aluminum at the micro-scale, Heaney et. al.</a>
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