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......@@ -7,6 +7,12 @@ Comparison of micro-waterjet, laser, EDM, NC, ... cutting
Nozzle: 7/15 MAXJET5 Minijet Nozzle with 0.007" ID diamond orifice and 0.015" Roctec 500 mixing tube
Abrasive: 240 mesh Barton HPX garnet with a mean particle size of 60 um at a flow rate of 0.12 lb/min
Pressure: 50 ~ 55 ksi
Cutting time: 3.1 min
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    Tool pathTool_Path_of_long_flexure

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    Tabs RemovedFlexure_of_microspline

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# solid-state laser micromachining
<!-- (picture of machine, cost of machine, machining time, picture before and after post-processing) -->
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    Superposition of tool path onto uAWJ-cut S S flexureComparison_of_flexureg_cut_with_MicroMAX_7-10nozle_and_dxf_drawing_for_microsplines_of_asteroid_gripper

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    I have uploaded several text lines and three images. The images only show up in README.MD. how do I relocate the images under the topic of "Miro Water"

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