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...@@ -15,14 +15,23 @@ Comparison of micro-waterjet, laser, EDM, NC, ... cutting ...@@ -15,14 +15,23 @@ Comparison of micro-waterjet, laser, EDM, NC, ... cutting
# [Fablight fiber laser]( # [Fablight fiber laser](
Machining time: ~5 min
Cost of machine: ???
Machine settings:
![Fablight settings](../images/Fablight_settings.jpg)
Sample photos:
![fablight 1](../images/Fablight_01.jpg) ![fablight 1](../images/Fablight_01.jpg)
![fablight 3](../images/Fablight_03.JPG) ![fablight 3](../images/Fablight_03.JPG)
![fablight 5](../images/Fablight_05.JPG) ![fablight 5](../images/Fablight_05.JPG)
![Fablight settings](../images/Fablight_settings.jpg)
After burr removal After burr removal
![fablight 6](../images/Fablight_06.jpg) ![fablight 6](../images/Fablight_06.jpg)
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