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Add Static-DICE numbers

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......@@ -39,6 +39,7 @@
|0.851|prior|Connection Machine CM-2|C, 32k processors|prior|
|0.57|[pi.c](C/pi.c)|C<br>gcc pi.c -o pi -lm|Intel i7-8700T|November, 2018|
|0.47|[](Python/|Python, NumPy|Intel i7-8700T|November, 2018|
|0.26|[multipi.cpp](|C/C++|[Static DICE]( (16 SAMD51J20A DICE nodes)|August, 2020|
|0.148|prior|IBM ES/9000|C|prior|
|0.134|prior|Pentium III|C|prior|
|0.118|prior|Cray Y-MP4/464|C, vector|prior|
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