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......@@ -33,6 +33,7 @@ But for those who are overwhelmed, we will try to disect some of the content
## What are those files?
For most base projects of HTMAA, you are provided with a set of different files:
* `file.png` are typically images for tracing (trace) or cutting (outline)
* `file.c` is a C file that contains a C program, which runs on a micro-controller
* `file.make` (or anything ending in `.make`, so here typically `file.c.make` too) is to use the program `make` to call commands that allow you to do things
......@@ -46,6 +47,19 @@ On Mac / Linux, you can access the manual of a specific command typically by typ
man fancycommand
For example, we want to learn about `make`, so let's do that:
man make
That should give you an interactive stream that you can go over (down/up arrows) and search through (`/` character, followed by search query).
<img src="images/man_make.png" width="800">
To exit that manual, just press `q` (quit).
To get some help and figure out how to use the manual functions, press `h` (help).
<img src="images/man_help.png" width="600">
## What is [Make](
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