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Add MAX_ENDPOINT_INDEX compile time option for the XMEGA devices.

parent 67a8f54a
......@@ -117,6 +117,7 @@
// #define DEVICE_STATE_AS_GPIOR {Insert Value Here}
// #define FIXED_NUM_CONFIGURATIONS {Insert Value Here}
// #define MAX_ENDPOINT_INDEX {Insert Value Here}
......@@ -168,6 +168,10 @@
* is through control endpoint requests. Defining this token will remove several features related to the selection and control of device
* endpoints internally, saving space. Generally, this is usually only useful in (some) bootloaders and is best avoided.
* - <b>MAX_ENDPOINT_INDEX</b> - (\ref Group_Device) - <i>XMEGA Only</i> \n
* Defining this value to the highest index (not address - this excludes the direction flag) endpoint within the device will restrict the
* number of FIFOs created internally for the endpoint buffers, reducing the total RAM usage.
* - <b>INTERRUPT_CONTROL_ENDPOINT</b> - (\ref Group_USBManagement) - <i>All Architectures</i> \n
* Some applications prefer to not call the USB_USBTask() management task regularly while in device mode, as it can complicate code significantly.
* Instead, when device mode is used this token can be passed to the library via the -D switch to allow the library to manage the USB control
......@@ -90,14 +90,18 @@
/* Public Interface - May be used in end-application: */
/* Macros: */
#if !defined(CONTROL_ONLY_DEVICE) || defined(__DOXYGEN__)
#if (!defined(MAX_ENDPOINT_INDEX) && !defined(CONTROL_ONLY_DEVICE)) || defined(__DOXYGEN__)
/** Total number of endpoints (including the default control endpoint at address 0) which may
* be used in the device. Different USB AVR models support different amounts of endpoints,
* this value reflects the maximum number of endpoints for the currently selected AVR model.
/* Private Interface - For use in library only: */
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