Commit 72717825 authored by Dean Camera's avatar Dean Camera

Namespace out the internal endpoint and pipe globals in the UC3 architecture.

parent b714ffbf
......@@ -39,8 +39,8 @@
uint8_t USB_Device_ControlEndpointSize = ENDPOINT_CONTROLEP_DEFAULT_SIZE;
volatile uint32_t USB_SelectedEndpoint = ENDPOINT_CONTROLEP;
volatile uint8_t* USB_EndpointFIFOPos[ENDPOINT_TOTAL_ENDPOINTS];
volatile uint32_t USB_Endpoint_SelectedEndpoint = ENDPOINT_CONTROLEP;
volatile uint8_t* USB_Endpoint_FIFOPos[ENDPOINT_TOTAL_ENDPOINTS];
bool Endpoint_ConfigureEndpoint_Prv(const uint8_t Number,
const uint32_t UECFG0Data)
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......@@ -37,8 +37,8 @@
volatile uint32_t USB_SelectedPipe = PIPE_CONTROLPIPE;
volatile uint8_t* USB_PipeFIFOPos[PIPE_TOTAL_PIPES];
volatile uint32_t USB_Pipe_SelectedPipe = PIPE_CONTROLPIPE;
volatile uint8_t* USB_Pipe_FIFOPos[PIPE_TOTAL_PIPES];
bool Pipe_ConfigurePipe(const uint8_t Number,
const uint8_t Type,
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