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......@@ -6,25 +6,27 @@ The *-LZ* variant (below) was used in [HTMAA 2020](
[dev log is here](log/
## Clank-LZ
## [Clank-LZ](
Documentation for the [Clank-LZ]( variant, that was used for HTMAA 2020 has been moved into a stable, standalone project [here](
## Clank-CZ
## [Clank-FXY](
This is a larger machine, **256x256x128mm**, that uses a taller frame and a cantelivered bed that moves in the Z direction. This platform would be appropriate for jobs with large Z works spaces, i.e. 3D Printing, but also suited for CNC Milling of circuits, molds, components etc.
## Clank-Stretch
## [Clank-Stretch](
A wide & thin aspect ratio, clank-stretch uses a small, short-throw z-axis. Appropriate for knife cutting, pen plotting, sheet milling, pick-and-placing, etc.
## Tool Changing
## Tool Changing: [Hotplate](
I am bringing a toolchange system on line for this as well, small demo below, designs are changing. Track progress for TC [here](
I am bringing a [toolchanger system]( on line for this as well, small demo below, design is not yet public.
......@@ -4,6 +4,13 @@
making clank into a 3d printer
## 2021 04 27
Taking Clank-CZ apart today, as clank-fxy is here. Some notes / RIP:
- bed assembly is 2770g
- x-span / rail assembly (with YL, YR, X) is 2605g
## 2021 02 18
I am building a 'stretch' clank - this is ~ 1024 x 512mm of area: a big flat thing. Mostly because I want to prototype new motion controllers and a simple 2D machine is great for that, and also because I am trying to transition Clank-CZ into a kind of printing workhorse.
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