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......@@ -70,21 +70,13 @@ The filter needs to be tested to evaluate its filtering capacity and porosity.
We are working with the face mask design by [Wasp](
<img src="images/l3_1.jpg" width="400" >
<img src="images/l3_1.jpg" width="300" >
<img src="images/l1_1.jpg" width="300" >
<img src="images/l1_3.jpg" width="300" >
When everything is already manufactured
When everything is already manufactured, assemble the parts, and get a finished face mask with a replaceable wood pulp based filter.
<img src="images/l1_1.jpg" width="400" >
We assemble the parts:
<img src="images/l3_2.jpg" width="400" >
And get a finished face mask with a replaceable wood pulp based filter
<img src="images/l1_3.jpg" width="400" >
## Molding
## Pulp Molding
In order to advance into mass production of the mask, we have been developing a 3D printed wood pulp mold, based on [Startasys](
......@@ -102,6 +94,7 @@ The second part, called the fixed half, has two different layers, this allows th
You can find the mold .stl files in the following [link](
<img src="images/M_2.jpg" width="400" >
(Models M_1 correspond to the iteration)
#### Material Formula
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